Why SalesGang is the best Sales analytics for Pipedrive users?

If you are a sales director or manager that uses Pipedrive as your CRM, you might be wondering how to get the most out of your data and optimize your sales performance.
Pipedrive CRM is a great tool for managing your sales pipeline and activities, but it has some limitations when it comes to reporting, forecasting, and analyzing your sales results.

That's where SalesGang comes in. SalesGang is a sales analytics and reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive and provides you with powerful insights and features that Pipedrive Insights doesn't offer. In this blog post, we will compare them, and show you why SalesGang is the best sales analytics tool for Pipedrive users.

SalesGang vs. Pipedrive Insights: The Main Differences

SalesGang and Pipedrive Insights are both designed to help sales teams achieve their goals, but they have different focuses and functionalities.
Pipedrive Insights is a feature within Pipedrive that allows you to create custom reports and dashboards. SalesGang is a standalone sales analytics tool that helps you understand your sales performance, identify opportunities and risks, and improve your sales strategy.

Here are some of the main advantages of SalesGang over Pipedrive Insights:

  • Complete overview of changes in pipeline: With SalesGang, you can see what happened in your pipeline last week or months (like deal value changes, deleted deals, ..), including changes of pipeline and owner transfers. This helps you understand pipeline velocity and evaluate your team's activity. Pipedrive Insights only shows you the current state of your pipeline, not the historical changes.
Changes in pipeline in this month
  • Pipeline value history: SalesGang shows you how your pipeline value changed over time. This helps you forecast your sales results, adjust your expectations, and plan your actions accordingly (do lead generation to increase pipeline). Pipedrive Insights only shows you the current value of your pipeline, not the historical values. In Salesgang, you can filter reports just for some pipelines and owners - valuable for 1:1 meetings.
Pipeline value history (all pipelines in one graph, grey = sum of all pipelines)
  • Deal health index: In SalesGang, you can track every deal with a unique KPI called the deal health index. This index measures how a deal is maintained in CRM based on various factors such as planned activity, stages move, deal value, close date, etc. This helps you prioritize activity, focus on the deals that need attention, and avoid losing opportunities. Pipedrive Insights does not have a similar feature to assess the health of your deals.
Deal Health Index progress by deal owners
  • Forecast: SalesGang provides an accurate sales forecast based on your pipeline data like estimated close date, stage and value. You can also see your forecast compared to your target (Goals in Pipedrive terminology). This helps you make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively. Pipedrive Insights only has a forecast feature from Professional edition (not in Essential and Advanced).
Revenue forecast for next 6 months (green = already won deals)
  • Compare structure of your open and won deals: SalesGang compares your open deals with your won deals in terms of size and age. This helps you see if you have the right mix of deals in your pipeline as you had in the past, and if there are any imbalances that need to be addressed. Like a lot of old deals in screenshot below.
    You can also see how long it takes to win a deal on average (time to won), and compare it with the age of your open deals. This helps you identify any bottlenecks that need to be resolved. Pipedrive Insights does not have a similar feature to compare open and won deals.
How old are your deals?
  • Easy to use UX: SalesGang has a clean and intuitive design that makes it easy to navigate and use. You can access all the features and insights from a simple dashboard that shows you everything you need to know at a glance. You can also filter your views. Pipedrive Insights has a more complex and cluttered interface that can be overwhelming and confusing for some users.

Some other benefits:

  • Sales Insights - deals to focus on. On dashboard you have a few insights like Deals wit zero value in second and next stages. Or deals with close date in the past. You and your team should focus on these deals - contact customer, lost or won deals.
Sales Insights - deals to focus
  • Deleted deals - you can see deleted deals in SalesGang, they disappear in Pipedrive after 30 days.

... and last - save money and increase sales with SalesGang

Another advantage of SalesGang over Pipedrive Insights is that it can help you save money on your subscription costs. If some of your users only need reporting and analytics features, they can have an account just in SalesGang and not in Pipedrive.

SalesGang does what Pipedrive Insights can't or is complicated.

Get the most out of your Pipedrive deals with SalesGang Insights & tips