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Have your pipelines & team under control

SalesGang pipeline change view

Changes in pipeline

With SalesGang, you can see what happened in the pipeline last week. Look at deals with changed value or nice graph of pipeline value in last 3 months. Very useful is list of deals with changed Close date or Value.

Deal Health Index

SalesGang's Deal Health index gives you a quick overview of how each deal is progressing. It helps you identify any potential issues and take action to keep things moving smoothly.
Easily find deals with low health and take action.

SalesGang Deal Health Index

What are the main Benefits?


Start in 2 minutes

With a pre-made reports, you can start right now and manage the deals. A valuable reports for every sales director, CEO and account manager.


From big number to details

Start to analyze the sum number and go to the list of deals behind the number and find details about each deal


Pipeline under control

Have peace of mind and no surprises at the end of the month. Make decisions based on accurate data.

SalesGang helps me better manage my team and gives me clear info on what is happening with deals. It is a good guide for sales meetings.

Petr Sobotka
Headim – Sales Director

I can't imagine running Pipedrive blind again. With Salesgang I get accurate forecasts, pipeline history and all reports I was missing.

Jack Thompson
Webflow – CEO

As we grew, we lost the ability to keep a track of all pipelines, Salesgang does this for us. I can also see how my employees perform over years.

William Duval
Alza – Founder

No credit card required

SalesGang revenue forecast

Sales Forecasting

See how your deals are likely to develop over time, helping you plan cash flow, make informed decisions and change short term strategy.
Do you have enough deals for next Q?

Performance of each sales manager

Track the performance and activity of individual sales managers (deal owner) over time, giving you a clear understanding of who is driving the most success.

SalesGang trader performance
CRM change log - what happens in CRM?

CRM change log

Control changes made to CRM by deal owners. You can see all important changes chronologically (stage changed, value changed and 8 more). List is filtered by owner, time interval or change type. For example, see which deals changed stage or pipeline last week - great information for 1:1 meetings.

Weekly Email Reports

Get every Monday a summary of the previous week. Be prepared for sales meetings and 1:1 review. Find out details in Dashboard. Customize your email with selected pipelines.

Weekly SalesGang reports

Customers deals in numbers


Deals tracked last month by SalesGang


Deals won last month


Average deals won ratio


Directors saved monthly on analysis

SalesGang data manifesto

Your Data is Safe with Salesgang

At SalesGang, we take security very seriously. That's why we have developed a Data Manifesto to ensure that your data is handled responsibly and in accordance with the highest standards of data protection.

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