Track partner deals in Pipedrive CRM

How do I manage sales through partners in Pipedrive CRM?

When you sell through partners, they do the activities with prospects and you want to know what the progress is. So you have the partner deals in CRM to track activities, forecast, ...

On the other hand, you want to quickly find deals related to the partner. I would recommend these settings in Pipedrive to track deals via Partners.

1. Create custom field name Partner in Company Settings - Data Files

  - Do it in Lead/Deal View section

Custom fileds in Pipedrive

  - Name as Partner and type as Organization

Creating field Partner

2. You can link deal and your partner together. It is in Deal detail view, just choose Partner from your contacts in Pipedrive.

Partner in Detail view

3. Finally, you can add column Partner to your Deals list and sort and filter by this column.

Partner as a column

Happy selling via Partners!

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