Some limitations of SalesGang app

Salesgang is a application that provides pre-made sales dashboards for sales directors and CEOs who use Pipedrive CRM. It generates handy statistics that save time and offer interesting insights to sales managers.

However, Salesgang also has some limitations that users should be aware of before using it. Here are some of them:

  • No multicurrency support - Salesgang only counts deals in the main currency (the currency with most deals), and ignores deals in other currencies. This means that if you have deals in different currencies, you will not see them reflected in your dashboards².
  • Goals support for type Deals-Won-Value only - We only support setting goals for the type Deals-Won-Value, which you can set up in Insights. This means that you can only track how much value you have won from your deals, not how many deals you have won or how many activities you have completed. We recommend setting up a goal for each deal owner and pipeline, otherwise Salesgang cannot divide the goal for all pipelines if you select a report for some pipelines².
  • No past edit - Salesgang does not count changes made after the Won date (close date) of a deal. This mainly applies to value changes done next week or month after closing a deal. This means that if you update the value of a deal after closing it, it will not affect your dashboards. It is Pipedrive API limitation.
  • No customization - Salesgang does not allow you to change tables or graphs in your dashboards. You have to use the pre-made ones that are provided by Salesgang. On the other hand, this means that everything is ready to use immediately and you do not need any BI expert, sales consultant or data scientist².

These are some of the limitations of Salesgang application that users should know before using it.
If you have found any other limitation in SG app, let us know and we will fix it.

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