SalesGang more precise than Pipedrive Insights?

During testing and comparing Salegang numbers to Pipedrive numbers, we figured out that there are some differences

Length of sales cycle - Time to won

SalesGang counts this as the difference between the date, when the deal was created and the date of win or loss.

Pipedrive sums time the deal spent in every stage of pipeline. It should be the same, but sometimes you change the structure of pipeline - delete a stage and add a new one. When you delete stage, you also delete time spent in the stage.

The result is that a sales cycle could be shorter in Pipedrive than in SalesGang.

We are sure that our measurement is more accurate.

Number of new deals vs. reopened deals

We count new deals as the sum of newly created deals and reopened deals in the selected time interval. You can lose a deal and if the customer wants to continue discussion about the business after a few weeks. You can reopen the previously lost deal.

For us it is new deal and you can see it in Salesgang. In Pipedrive it is hard to find reopened deals. Pipedrive counts only newly created deals - in Insights and Deals started.

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