Sales Insights - shortcut for sales people

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having access to data is not enough; understanding it is what counts. Sales insights, an advanced form of data interpretation, go beyond traditional graphs and tables, offering businesses a more nuanced and actionable understanding of their sales data. This article delves into why sales insights are increasingly being favoured over conventional numeric displays.

Benefits of Sales Insights

Sales insights refer to the actionable conclusions drawn from sales data analysis. Unlike basic charts or tables, insights provide context, explain trends, and suggest actions. This deeper level of understanding is crucial for making informed decisions in sales strategies.

We have prepared 4 insights in the first version.

Example of insights in SalesGang
  • Low health deals - deals with low our health index - it means that these deals are not well maintained in Pipedrive CRM and need some attention and at least do deal qualification and plan next activities.
  • Zero value and no close date - list all deals in second and further stages and still has no value. Deals in next stages should be qualified and you know important information about the customer and the project. You may have unqualified deals in the first stage, but not in the next stages.
  • Closing date in the next 30 days. These deals should be almost won (customer told you that you are the winner and they just need to sign the agreement/order).  Are they really in this condition?
  • Past closing date - these deals should be closed already, but they are still open in CRM. There are two reasons - data is not updated in CRM or the deal was delayed and ... data is not updated in CRM :-)

As usual you can see the list of deals behind the number in insights and then open the right deal in Pipedrive. All from the SalesGang app.

Let us know if these insights are useful for you and what we should add next time.

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