May update - Deal changes and UX

Deal changes overview

It tracks all important changes (value, owner, estimated closing date, stage, ..) in chronological order. The list can be filtered by pipeline, owner or type of change.

So you can see who updated deals last week/month and what happened. This list contains all deals in all currencies.

We have also added the number of changes to the Dashboard - second section Pipelines overview, so you can click on the number to get details. Check it out at -  

Overview of deal changes

UX improvements

Pipeline value history graph has dark grey color for All Pipelines value. Previously it was light gray and visibility was sometimes not great.

Deal detail has activities in blue color and we added Estimated closing date field.

We fixed calculation of the Age of deal in days. It is the number of days between creation and closing date.

Activities in blue
Activities in blue, changes in black


We send weekly email summary with basic information about last week's changes in pipelines. And we would like to improve it - so what would you like to see in the email summary every Monday?

Any other feedback is also welcome.

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