March update - weekly email, pipeline transfers

We are happy to share some new features that we added in February and March to help you have more control over your pipeline.

Here are the highlights:

  • Pipeline and Owner Transfers: You can now track which deals changed owner or pipeline during a selected interval.
    Just select your main pipeline and you will see transferred deals in and out.
  • New and Reopened - now you can track New and Reopened deals separately in Changes in pipeline section (Dashboard)

  • Email Reports: You will now receive a weekly email every Monday with a short summary of pipeline changes.
    You can customize your email reports by selecting your main pipelines in the settings.

  • Design update: We improved the readability and clarity of our charts and tables by adding labels with time interval for each one.
    This way, you can easily see if the numbers are for an interval or for a specific date.

  • Data accuracy: We enhanced our data import from Pipedrive to ensure more accurate and consistent metrics.

  • … and we have new logo 🙂
Changes in pipeline
Changes in pipeline

We hope you enjoy these new features and find them useful for your sales activities. As we are still in beta, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our product.

Please feel free to share your ideas with us by email

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